Safari on a Mission

Sofala Safaris also conncets with fellow Christians to further God's Kingdom in Africa. We can help you getting in touch with the right people to set up a short-term mission trip or other ministry related activities. Perhaps you would like to visit a mission organization while on your hunting trip, or would like to experience hunting and touring in Africa before you fly back home after completing a mission trip. Look no further than Sofala Safaris as we are passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

Vision trips: taking others to open their eyes to the tremendous needs of suffering people. Stay with us, tour the region, ask yourself while in Africa, how can Christ use me in a mighty way...?

Active short term mission trips: using your gifts and skills to help proclaim the love of Christ: Why...? Because you can bring a relevant idea to African missions today that can have immediate application for Christ's work. 

Men's Group safaris: taking a group of men to Africa to hunt/tour and enjoy Christian fellowship while working on personal growth, all in the wilderness of Africa. As a trained professional Christian Counselor (MA. MFTC, LPC), Louis Steenkamp can organize such a trip for you.

Enjoy God’s creation: visit Africa to see the work of our powerful Creator and enjoy the experience with loved ones.


Louis:   Phone: 601 914 0330


Richard: phone: 662 836 4493